Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scraping Fun

I have been on a mission today to create a fun and innovative class for the scrapbook store I just started working at. I really enjoy working there and getting constructive feedback from the girls on how I can make my pages more appealing and relevant to others. It helps me grow and move outside of my own box. I jammed so much technique into it once I went back and made some changes. Now I am just waiting to see if it will be approved for me to teach. Even if its not I still feel very proud of what I created and it definitely go me scrapping again. Sometimes I just need a challenge or project to get my creative juices flowing and to actually get myself to do something with my ideas instead of just letting them pile up and never getting them done.

I also talked to my friend who I just got involved in my scrapbooking adventures. In just 12 hours of cropping fun she learned so many new techniques and tools. She is totally inspired now to get some scrapping done too. She phoned me up for advice on what cartridges to get for her new cricut. I gave her the list of the ones I use the most, but does anyone else have any suggestions I can pass on to her? I really don't want her to have a bias response. Its so fun watching someone else's eyes light up with excitement and remembering that just last year I was in the same position. I think thats why I am so much of a "keener" to teach classes because I want to pass on everything I learned and see others come up with ideas I never thought of. The creative process is facinating...I can't wait to see what it has on its agenda for me next.

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