Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review of products

Doodlebug design inc. Go to sketches card companion kit

The complete kid to make 18 doodlebug cards featured in Go to Skteches Magazine

First impressions:
I love the Doodlebug design papers so when I saw this kit I definitely wanted to try it. They had so many cute cards that I could definitely see using and sending to friends. The bright colours really appealled to me.


After opening the package and organizing the papers into each card group, I immediately noticed that there was not enough large pieces of cardstock to make the card bases. Luckily I had some paper in my stash that would cover the difficiency.

The second thing I noticed was that I would have to do a lot of cutting for the cute tags and embellishments. Instead of making them punch out Doodlebug went the cheap way and just printed them on one single paper so that the consumer has to cut out all of the items. Some of these embellishments and tags are farely complex and hard to cut out even with my small craft scissors and knife.

I thought that this package would be a time saver to make quick and easy cards but that definitely wasn't the case. All of the cutting slowed me down. I think it would almost be faster to design and make my own cards than use this kit.

The final products turned out well considering some of the disadvantages of the kit but another kit like this will not be on my wishlist anytime soon. I hope you find this review helpful.

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