Sunday, March 11, 2012

Craft withdrawl

Finally after 5 straight weeks of no creative time my little one decided to give me some time to craft. I recently received the new Annie's Attic copic book level 2 and so I decided to enjoy some reading time. I loved the idea of making a colour combination book so that I can flip through it to see the blending colour families and other colour combos for inspiration. I find I always go to the same ones so hopefully this will give me some inspiration when I see the other lovely options on a page.

With this idea in mind I quickly went to work stamping out the same image and then copying and printing it on my Epson printer (Which is copic friendly). Next on the agenda tomorrow, is going to my friend Shari's for some colouring. My goal is to get the violet, blue-violet, and red-violet families done. I will post a picture once I have a sample.

Until then, here is a picture of my little fussy monkey. She is growing like a weed.

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